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Goldberg's first opponent addresses the WWE legend's "reckless" reputation

Goldberg's first opponent on the WWE legend's reputation (


Made former World Champion Batista throw up,' says ex-WCW star DeWayne Bruce

On October 26, 2011, it was reported that he was hospitalized for either a very serious stroke or a massive heart attack and was in an ICU unit.[69][70] He was found at his ranch by his brother-in-law Mike Rotunda.[71] His family confirmed that Windham suffered a heart attack. His father Blackjack Mulligan posted a message to Facebook saying "I have a son near death".[72] He was later moved to a facility in Orlando, Florida, for an MRI on his neck due to the fall he took from the heart attack. In a later interview on Monte and the Pharaoh Broadcast in 2019, Windham appeared to deny having a heart attack when asked directly about his health.

Goldberg’s First Opponent Addresses The WWE Legend’s “Reckless” Reputation

Ahmed Johnson Speaks On His Steroid Issue

Ahmed Johnson On D’Lo Brown: “That Jerk-a** Boy, He’s Not A Friend Of Mine”

Ahmed Johnson On Vince McMahon Holding Meeting After WWE “Montreal Screwjob”

Former WWE Superstar accuses Shawn Michaels of holding him back

Ahmed Johnson Addresses If He Would Work With AEW Or Impact Wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Accuses John Cena of Stealing His Gimmick

Ex-WWE Star Discusses Steroid Use - Calls Former Peer "Dangerous"

Mike Knox Attacks NWA Champion Trevor Murdoch After NWA By Any Means Necessary Event

Adrian Adonis and Dan Spivey Near-Deadly Locker Room Brawl

Sabu – Hardcore Wrestlers Feel Pain, To

Does gangrel really have fangs?

Dan’s Side

Tony’s Beef

Monte & The Pharaoh Welcomes WCW Superstar Buddy Lee Parker

Batista Rejected By Top Wrestling Company

Complete rip-off" - Former WWE Superstar claims John Cena stole his gimmick

Former WCW Trainer Defends Goldberg, Blames Bret Hart Instead for His Career-Ending Injury

Former Intercontinental Champion Says Shawn Michaels Held Him Down 

Former WCW star opens up on Goldberg

S***, that’s your fault” – Bret Hart blamed by Goldberg’s trainer for his career ending injury

If he’s still blaming me for that, he’s a p***y” – Former WCW star thrashes Dave Batista for criticizing his training methods

Wrestling Arrests You May Not Be Aware Of! (

7 Wrestling Upsets That Left Fans Shocked and Confused (

Stan Hansen and the AWA Championship Belt Fiasco

ROAD STORIES & RIBS - 02.05.2019: When Real Heat Boils Over - The Gorilla Position

"Nothing justifies walking out" - Former WWE star criticizes Naomi and Sasha Banks' actions

Naomi throws a dig at WWE?

3 WWE Superstars Melina Perez reportedly dated in real life (

"Feeble old man" - Released WWE Superstar gives brutally honest take on Vince McMahon

“Feeble Old Man”: Vince McMahon Gets Thrashed By Former WWE Star

"That speaks volumes" - Former WWE star Bill DeMott on Vince McMahon calling him after family tragedy

15 Wrestlers Who Still Have Beef With WWE

Shawn Michaels Allegedly Buried African American Star

Stan Hansen and the AWA Championship Belt Fiasco

Underrated WWE Tag Teams More Fans Should Appreciate


Underrated WWE Tag Teams More Fans Should Appreciate

BSK member claims The Undertaker considered leaving WWE at one stage

Ex-WWE star agrees with Road Dogg's controversial Bret Hart remarks


The Undertaker allegedly didn't want to face ex-WWE star again… so they became on-screen allies instead

E WWE atitude Era Tag Team Were Last To See Brian Pillman Alive

Ex-WWE Star Sides With Road Dogg Over Controversial Bret Hart Comments

The Undertaker Once “Ripped Apart” Ex-WWE Star For Injuring People


“If I Go, Everybody’s Going”- WWE Faithful, The Undertaker, Once Considered Moving to WCW During the Monday Night Wars

Former WWE Star Reveals The Undertaker Considered Leaving WWE at One Stage

The Undertaker 'Ripped WWE Star Apart' For Repeatedly Injuring Wrestlers

Mideon Says WWE Attitude Era Roster Hated This Wrestler

Former WWE Star Describes Shawn Michaels And Undertaker's Backstage Powers

Former WWE Superstar Compares The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels’ Backstage Influence


BSK Member Reveals The Undertaker Thought About Leaving WWE For WCW

The Undertaker allegedly didn't want to face ex-WWE star again… so they became on-screen allies instead

Why These Wrestlers Will Probably Never Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame

The Undertaker allegedly reacted furiously backstage after 487-pound WWE Superstar injured another opponent

Former WWE Star On Vince McMahon Allegations: I Don't Give A S***

Maven Admits To Using Steroids – “I Wish I Would Have Taken More”

Maven Not Only Admits He Did Steroids, He Wishes He Did More Of Them

"I don't give a s**t" - Ex-WWE Superstar weighs in on Vince McMahon's recent allegations

Ex-WWE Star On Vince McMahon Allegations – “Always Someone With Their Hand Out”

Maven: Shazza McKenzie Is Drop Dead Gorgeous And She Can Wrestle

Maven On Vince McMahon Allegations: “He Had Something Everyone Wanted”

Maven Wishes He had Used More Steroids During WWE Career

WWE Hall of Famer on why Vince McMahon should not return to the company

Former WWE Star Describes Vince McMahon's Ideal Son

Former WWE Star Describes   Says That Vince McMahon Had A Specific Image In Mind For An Offspring

Former WWE Star Describes Experience Of Working For Vince McMahon

FFormer WWE Star On What Vince McMahon Always Wanted In A Son

Maven Recalls WWE Helping Him When His Mother Was Fighting Cancer


Maven Recalls WWE Supporting Him Financially During His Mother’s Cancer Treatment

WWE veteran "always" wanted a son like Triple H according to former Superstar

D'Lo Brown's Complicated Relationship Former WWE Wrestler Droz, Explained

Bray Wyatt wanted to join forces with released star but WWE said no, according to Enzo Amore

2-time Champion on Triple H learning he had been fired and rehired by WWE

Released WWE star on rumors that Roman Reigns kicked him off a bus

"I'm proud of her" – Former WWE star discusses his ex-girlfriend Liv Morgan

Bray Wyatt Wanted Forgotten NXT Star In The Wyatt Family

"I'm letting you punch me in the face" - Enzo Amore shares a lesson he learned about wrestling in WWE that does not work in any other sport

"I better get a cut of the profit" - 29-year-old female star demands profits from Liv Morgan's current auction for WWE fans

I don't need to do that s**t" – 2-time Champion on possible WWE return

Enzo Amore Comments on a Potential Return to WWE

How Enzo Amore feels about a potential return to WWE

Kofi Kingston Reveals How Much Longer He Has On WWE Deal, Talks His Wrestling Future

Enzo Amore on possibly reuniting with Big Cass in WWE

Wrestlers Who Had Heat With Chris Jericho

Mabel and the King of the Ring Championship Belt Controversy

Liv Morgan poses with 40-year-old WWE Superstar in a recent social media video

Ex-Boyfriend On Liv Morgan’s WWE Success, “She’s A Good Human And She Deserves It.”

Ex-WWE star on John Cena allegedly disliking him

"Intense energy that felt very uncomfortable" – Ex-WWE star on his experience with Chris Benoit

John Cena Ruined Career Of Fired WWE Star?

Was Scott Puski supposed to be the next big thing in 1997?

“I punched him in his f***ing face,” Former WWE superstar discusses the claim that Roman Reigns threw him off the bus in 2011

Jerry Lawler Brain Damage After Collapse Leaks

Liv Morgan Currently Dating Ex WWE Superstar Confirmed By Legendary Ric Flair

Chavo Guerrero Accuses Rey Mysterio of "Prostituting" Eddie Guerrero's Name in WWE

Former WWE star Ahmed Johnson has lost almost 200 pounds

"Put me in the Hall of Fame!" – Ex-WWE star shares message for Vince McMahon

"I'm still not speaking with him" – WWE legend on his 30-year animosity with Vince McMahon

Ahmed Johnson recalls racist incident after his WWE Intercontinental Championship win

Just be quiet" – Ex-WWE star claims Bruce Prichard told her to never speak

WWE Fired Star For Threatening To Kill Stephanie McMahon

Former WWE star hung up on Larry King after he allegedly came on to her

WWE legend lost her job after telling Vince McMahon she planned to kill Stephanie McMahon, ex-valet says

"I've seen him naked so many times" – Female former WWE star says Ric Flair's antics never offended her

WWE Attitude Era star blames Triple H for his break-up with Chyna

Chyna Threatened To Kill Stephanie McMahon

Jake “The Snake” Roberts names one of his craziest foes in WWE

Ex-WWE Star Details How Chyna Felt About Triple H-Stephanie McMahon Dating

The Real Reason Why Liv Morgan Broke Up With Former WWE Star Enzo Amore

Former WWE star explains why he refused to lose against Steve Austin

Legend upset Shawn Michaels' group and got punished, former WWE star claims

Wrestlers Who Can't Stand Roman Reigns

Aaron Stevens – ‘CM Punk Is Welcome In The NWA, He’d Fit Right In’

Aron Stevens reveals whether CM Punk would be welcome in NWA


“There’s always gonna be someone with their hand out” – Former WWE Star On Janel Grant’s Allegations Against Vince McMahon

Hulk Hogan "used" legend to get back into WWE, according to Missy Beefcake

WWE legend's wife says she rejected Hulk Hogan

WWE storyline failed because wrestlers took it too seriously, Chuck Palumbo says

"He's not a good person, unfortunately" – Chuck Palumbo reacts to WWE controversy

"I'm sorry, I've seen it" – Ex-WWE star witnessed Chris Benoit's "crazy side" before tragedy

Ex-WWE star says Stephanie McMahon once revealed what Vince McMahon really thought of him

WWE storyline failed because wrestlers took it too seriously, Chuck Palumbo says



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