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Goldberg's first opponent addresses the WWE legend's "reckless" reputation

Goldberg's first opponent on the WWE legend's reputation (


Made former World Champion Batista throw up,' says ex-WCW star DeWayne Bruce

On October 26, 2011, it was reported that he was hospitalized for either a very serious stroke or a massive heart attack and was in an ICU unit.[69][70] He was found at his ranch by his brother-in-law Mike Rotunda.[71] His family confirmed that Windham suffered a heart attack. His father Blackjack Mulligan posted a message to Facebook saying "I have a son near death".[72] He was later moved to a facility in Orlando, Florida, for an MRI on his neck due to the fall he took from the heart attack. In a later interview on Monte and the Pharaoh Broadcast in 2019, Windham appeared to deny having a heart attack when asked directly about his health.

Goldberg’s First Opponent Addresses The WWE Legend’s “Reckless” Reputation

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