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Monte & The Pharaoh LI#1 Pro Wrestling Broadcast


Monte and the Pharaoh burst onto the pro wrestling internet podcast scene in November of 2017. The story begins earlier that summer when Michael Monte was approached by recently retired local independent wrestler John "Boondocks" Sawyer to be a co-host on his wrestling podcast "The John Sawyer Show". Monte accepted the offer and was off to the races gaining valuable radio experience along the way. Michael then brought in his long time friend and fellow wrestling fan, Jimmy Pharaoh. Their chemistry was undeniable and a formula was quickly perfected: a lighthearted, yet cutting edge informative take on the world of professional wrestling where the listener could laugh along yet also be able to gain some knowledge of the WWE and wrestling as a whole. After gaining praise from no less than legendary pro wrestling ring announcer, Gary Michael Cappetta, Monte & The Pharaoh were sure of one thing: it was time to move on and move up. Unsatisfied with the station they were on, Monte & The Pharaoh made the jump to Village Connection Radio in the fall of 2017, which in turn was the perfect place for the show to spread its wings. It was now the "Monte & The Pharaoh Variety Show" and soon thereafter John Sawyer departed. Soon the show really began to take off. Views went from the hundreds to the thousands and in less than half a year, Monte and the Pharaoh had become Long Island's most watched and talked about pro wrestling internet sensation! A physical encounter between WWF alumni Butcher Blackwell and Monte on the show over the winter only added to the show's momentum. Along the way, the duo was gaining valuable knowledge and experience working with the likes of Gary Michael Cappetta, wrestling stars Metal Maniac, Butcher Blackwell and Chris Michaels, amongst many others in the wrestling business.

As the summer of 2018 approaches, Monte & The Pharaoh's relentless momentum continues as the show will be welcoming Marty Jannetty, Dr D David Shultz, Shane Douglas, Greg “The Hammer “ Valentine, Beretta, Gary Michael Cappetta, Dominic Denucci, Val Venis, Lanny Poffo , New Jack , The Gangstas, Larry Zbyszko,Abdullah “The Butcher”, “ACE” Cowboy Bob Orton, Billy Jack Haynes. Too Cold Scorpio, and Sir Richard Michaels to Village Connection Radio for autographs / pictures and a day of pro wrestling fun for the whole family! Stay with this explosive duo as Monte & The Pharaoh continue writing their legacy every week at 8:05 on Thursday nights at Village Connection Network /Facebook live! The Monte & The Pharaoh Variety Show. Be there!

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