There wasn't much to get excited about in another subpar episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

On the whole, the show has completely regressed after establishing almost a month of strong episodes. That said, there was one shining moment from the program. We all knew the Ronda Rousey, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch vs. The Riott Squad match would end in a melee, but I'm not sure anyone thought it would spiral into such an entertaining segment of organized chaos.

\Immediately after the match, which ended with Rousey forcing Liv Morgan to tap out to the armbar, the Raw Women's champion attacked Charlotte and Becky. A wild skirmish ensued. At first, it looked like the same formulaic security-and-cops-get-involved brawl that we've seen a thousand times ahead of a pay-per-view.

Since this is WrestleMania, it seemed the WWE felt they needed to kick it up another notch. The brawl lasted about five minutes and ultimately all three women were handcuffed. However, it didn't stop when they were restrained. The trio fought inside mock police cars–while still handcuffed–and kicked out windows. It was a wild, preposterous and completely brilliant...……….Read More