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Find out about the men and women behind the spandex and everything in the arena, from gimmicks to mustaches. Monte & The Pharaoh interviews include marquee wrestlers, whether they are current stars, behind-the-scenes decision makers, or legends of the sport. Each interview goes beyond the standard quick question and answer.

Monte & The Pharaoh's knowledge does not end outside of the ring. It transcends beyond the world of wrestling. They know what moves the needle emotionally for their audience in a wide array of topics. Tune in as they share their insights about the universal topics that truly resonate with people, whomever they are and wherever they live.

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**Tried to post this comment last night on Dan's disgusting video about Tony and his wife, but of course it gets deleted..so ill post it here so it can be seen. You are truly a scumbag of a "human" Dan, I wouldn't call you a scumbag of a man, because that you are NOT, not even close to a man. You built your channel and viewership off of Tony's back.. and his blood, sweat and tears in some occasions, then you dare to upload that call? For one, you're a wrestling channel period and in no stretch of anyone's imagination does that woman's private call between her and her mother do you have any right to put your pig nose into. Moreover her mother probably had zero idea that it was taped until now you backhanded fuck, she is a 80 year old stroke victim surviving this covid time in a hospital and you have the nerve to dump this load on her? The stress from what happens next if Tony or Monika stroke out.. its on you, you lisp talking gimpy piece of trash. One last thing, don't talk about saving face for your "kids" when you involve members of his family, also they aren't even your kids so don't use that as an excuse, believe me when they grow up and watch all the mwf videos of you laughing at all the ring rat stories, other sick shit and pull those type stories out of Marty and whoever else for your own pleasure or maybe a small spike in views, you have a sick mind and it's smeared like shit all over your channel in videos, you're a perverted cuck, Tony would bang any of your women or wife right infront of you, he's a man no matter what you think, your a little rat type man boy. You couldn't carry Tony's jock. P.S stop referring to yourself as one of the "boys" in all these videos, like tony just said, you've never taken a bump in your life and you exploit all the legends. You're a cancerous tumor attached to the business that they all love and killed themselves for, I still can't believe a classy man John Cena Sr. Would even sit in the same room as you, but it'll end.


Quote Of The Week...

  • If you have enemies, good that means you stood up for something.” “Jesus Christ lived in the midst of his enemies. At the end all his disciples deserted him. On the Cross he was utterly alone, surrounded by evildoers and mockers. For this cause he had come, to bring peace to the enemies of God.

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